• • PRIME CAPITAL MARKET LTD was established in the year 1994.
  • The company is engaged in the business of consultancy and advisory services of various financial products
  • Engaged in funding and non-funding activities
  • Investing activities in Shares & Securities
  • Provides Loan Inter-Corporate Deposit(ICD)
  • It deals in the business of investors, guarantors and to finance, lend or advance money and give loans.
  • Prime Capital Market Ltd is listed on BSE Limited (BSE) and Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Limited (CSE).

Management Team (Board of Directors)

1. Mr. Adarsh Purohit Managing Director
2. Mr. Sunil Kr. Dey Independent Director
3. Mr. Gwal Das Vyas Independent Director
4. Ms. Sunita Rani Parida Independent Director